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Lifetime Value Of Your Limo, Car Service and Bus Clients

What Is The Lifetime Value Of Your Client

 The name says it all, and once you see how this simple concept can help you achieve your goals, you’ll wonder why so few business owners ever consider it.

 Here’s what it’s all about. 

The Lifetime Value Of Your Client (LTV) is the total profit produced by an average client over his/her lifetime association with you.

How does this number help you plan better? By knowing a client’s total value to your business, you can figure out how much you can afford to spend to convert a prospect to a client.

 Let’s see how this works. For this example, your average new client:

  1. Spends $500.00 the first time he does business with you.
  2. Books rides with you again in two weeks


In the course of a year, he is potentially worth $13,000 to you.

He is going to be your client for 5 years (then he’ll move to Florida or something). In 5 years, he will have spent a minimum of $65,000 with you.

Next, figure out how much of that is profit to your limo business.

For this example, we’ll say 40%. This means you will make $26,000 profit on your average limousine or bus client over the next 5 years.

 Hopefully, you’re starting to see how this can help you plan your marketing expenses. In fact, you could pay up to $26,000 (in this example) for each new client and still break even in 5 years. We don’t suggest that. But would you spend up to $250.00 to get $26,000 in 5 years? In fact, you don’t have to wait that long—you get a return on your investment with the first sale, enough to recover the $250.00 you spent.

Referrals add even more profit to the value of your clients. If your average client refers one new client to you, the profit from the original client doubles ($26,000 for the original client and $26,000 from the person they referred). And you didn’t have to do any advertising to get that new client.

Start calculating the lifetime value of your average client. Make increasing this value one of your goals. Some ways to do this include getting your clients to refer more often, increasing the average ticket, making repeat clients more frequent, and selling more services.

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This Simple Change Will Increase Your Limousine Sales Revenue

No One Cares Who You Are Until They Know How You Can Help Them

This simple idea changed my life and it can change yours too.

If you want to get people’s attention — in a few words tell them how you can help them — then they’ll want to talk with you.

Once people know how you can help them, they’ll be hungry to hear from you, eager to talk with you. Getting the conversation started is the most important step to being successful.

Without an easy way to get that initial conversation going, you’ll always be frustrated, no matter how smart or capable you are. That applies to everything from getting a response to emails, web marketing, direct marketing, and any other way you reach out to try to stimulate a response.


What is WIIFM?

Every human being is tuned into their own little radio station in their head and when confronted with a decision to make, that little voice asks “What’s In It For Me”.

ALL your marketing and advertising MUST be geared to WIIFM because they don’t care about anything else.

Pretty selfish, huh?

It’s human nature, don’t fight it – use it to your advantage.


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Simple Market Research For Your Limousine Company

This simple strategy will help you turn your business around and get it heading in a profitable direction almost overnight.

It requires a little extra effort on your part, but if you take action on it, you will uncover marketing opportunities and rewards that you never knew existed.


  1. Take a few of your best clients to coffee or lunch and ask them what they like and dislike about your limo/ car service/ bus business.  Make sure they know that you want the honest truth because you value their opinion, you want to keep them as a client, and you want more clients just like them.After the meeting send a thank you letter. Make sure it’s personal. Anything less will weaken your sincerity.


  1. Call up some of the clients that have not made reservations in a while and take them to coffee or lunch. If they don’t want to do lunch, get information from them on the phone. Ask them why they haven’t used your services, what you can do better, and what you do well. Then ask them if it’s OK for you to send them a “special thank you for your help gift”. Send a special offer, just for them. And make sure it has real value.


If you talk with ten current and former clients and take good notes, you can use this information to improve your business, and create marketing messages that target your potential clients more effectively.

You’ll uncover many strengths and weaknesses. Some of them may shock you. Improve on your strengths, and fix your weaknesses.

I guarantee you will get very valuable and useful information from this tip, and you will get a lot of satisfaction from the smart work you will accomplish. You might even get a few unexpected referrals, or win over a disgruntled client.

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Quick and Easy Bus, Car Service and Limo Marketing Plan

The Fastest Marketing Plan For Limousine, Bus and Car Service Businesses

This is something that every business owner should be doing, but less than 1% actually do! It may seem simple, but it can dramatically improve your business.

The key to effective marketing is creating a:


Marketing Plan


            Every business needs specific plans and goals. Success comes from knowing what you want to achieve and having a detailed plan to achieve it.

            I used the words “specific” and “detailed” for a reason: vague plans won’t help you. Just saying, “I want to make more money than I can ever spend,” or “I want to make $10,000 a month” is not a good plan. It doesn’t give you enough to focus on or tell you how to get there.


            Be specific. As you read through the marketing techniques in this manual, pick three to start with that work for you. Write them down. Include how much money you want to earn from each idea this week and this month. Create a 3-month plan, then a 6-month plan. Start small and keep adding.


            When the first three ideas are in place, add three more. Continue adding until you’re using most of the money-making marketing ideas in this program. (There may be a couple of ideas that just don’t seem right for you—that’s fine. Start with the ones you’re most interested in, and keep building from there).


            Always include money goals in your plan. You should try to use net (take-home) income, not gross. Even if you’re used to thinking in terms of gross, net is a better measure of your actual profits. Think of a business owner who does $350,000 in gross—sounds like a lot, right? But at the end of the day, what if he only takes home $35,000? Not so impressive after all.


            Make sure you know where you’re starting from. Over 90% of limousine businesses don’t even know how many clients they have each month. Don’t be one of them! You must know how you are currently doing. 


            Make sure you know the number of new clients you get each month, how much you make from each one, how much each one costs you to acquire, and which marketing strategy they came from.


Here’s an example:


            Jack is a limousine business owner who has been in business for two years. (he and the numbers shown below were created for illustration purposes only.)  He gets most of his clients from referrals or his ad in the Yellow Pages.

            He grosses $25,000 a month.  His average ticket is $500


            Therefore he gives rides to 50 clients a month.


            His net is 20% of gross or $5,000 a month


            Jack wants to double his net income in 6 months, triple in 12 months. (We don’t blame him.)


            Considering that Jack doesn’t know any of our marketing secrets (like how to charge more for his services), he will have to get twice as many clients to double his business.



            Goal: 100 clients a month.


            Currently, repeat clients account for 30 a month, “referrals” account for 10 clients a month, while his Yellow Pages ad brings 10 a month.


            With the strategies I’m going to show you to improve his booking rate, here is a sample plan for Jack to get 100 clients.


            25 from his website

            5 from his newsletter

            5 from his blog

            5 from a joint venture

            5 from his 3-step letter

            15 from his referral program

            5 from networking meetings

            5 client reactivation letter

            40 from repeat clients


            110 clients



Wow that’s 10more than his goal!


            Make a weekly plan, and make it a part of your routine. Schedule a half hour in one day each week to create your plan and check whether you met your goals for the last week. Treat this as an important appointment, and make it a priority to keep it every week. If you just follow this one strategy, your income can double in only 12 months.


            Of course, Jack didn’t know any of our secrets to double the profit from all his clients. 


If he did both: double his profits from each client, and double the number of clients, he’d quadruple his business in less than 6 months


Your weekly plan should include the following:

 1.                  Goal for total net income.

 2.                  Goal for number of new clients

 3.                  Goal for number of repeat clients

 4.                  Goal for number of referrals.

 5.                  Average net income from each client.

 6.                  The number of prospects you’ll have to generate to reach your goal.

 7.                  A detailed plan to generate the number of prospects you need.


You don’t need to print out your plan or write it in any special format. You can simply

write it on plain paper, if you want. What matters is making a plan for every week and keeping track of your progress.

Here’s a quick video that talks about growing your limo or bus business…

If you’d like to know more about me you can click here to read our about page or check out articles written about us in LCT, LCT, Chauffeur Driven and Limo Digest.

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