How Often Should You Wash Your Limousine and Bus Fleet?

I often get this question regardless fleet cleaning and it goes, how often should you been cleaning you limos and buses? That’s a good question. In my opinion, the interior of your vehicles should be cleaned everyday. Once the vehicles come back for the night they should be vacuumed. The following day the vehicle should be given a once over to determine the cleanliness of the interior.

As far as exterior washing of your limo fleet I would suggest hitting up a local car wash at least once per week if not more but this really depends on the weather in your area. Has their been a lot of rain or snow or even pollen or dust in the air? If so, I’d suggest going more often than not.

Additionally, every once in a while we spend a little extra to have our fleet power washed for a good scrubbing. We usually hire Rockland Power Washing for this.



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