What Is A Marketing System?

Marketing Systems For Limo, Bus and Car Service Operators

A marketing system is a system used to get new clients.

All of the off-line and on-line marketing strategies explained on Limo Profits are systems

They are strategic ways of getting new clients.

 But, they are systems.

 You can’t just do part of one and expect to get results.  It just doesn’t happen that way. 

You have to do all parts of the system to get it to work.

 For example, when you do my Three Letter Sequence Strategy that goes to corporate prospects who frequently travel for business, you can’t just give out the first letter.  You have to do all three.  And they need to be ten days apart.  And it has to be the letter we provide, (or a slightly tweaked version.) And, it has to be delivered in a Direct Response manner.

 Then it’ll work.

 You will get results.

 But you have to do every part of the system, not just the first step.  This is true of any system.

Think of making coffee. 

The first step is to put in a new filter and add coffee. 

But if you stop there, you’ll never get coffee. 

You need to follow the rest of the steps in the system to get coffee. 

That is; you have to add water, turn it on, and put the pot under the drip. 

Then you’ll have coffee. 

Stopping after the first few steps in a marketing strategy will give you the same results as with your coffee maker. NONE.

So follow through on everything. 

Put the systems in place and they will automatically generate revenue for you every month. 

Complete the system and you’ll soon be taking home the HIGH PROFITS you deserve!


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