Here’s The Cold Hard Truth: You Are Not Your Client

You Are Not Your Client


It sounds obvious, but too many business owners never learn this crucial concept. They think their clients all have the same wants, needs, and opinions as them.

 You do not know what your clients will want or how they will react.


Don’t judge something before you try it. I hear from many limousine business owners who say, “My clients won’t like that or respond to it.” How do they know until they give it a chance to work?

 The truth is, you don’t know what will or won’t work with your clients. The marketing strategies I’m sharing with you have been tested all over the country.

They work.


 If you can’t get something to work, email us and we’ll help you get it to work.

 Don’t assume a strategy won’t work just because you tried it once and didn’t see results. That’s like questioning the laws of aerodynamics every time a plane crashes. When an accident happens, the authorities figure out what caused the problem and work to fix it. Contact us and we’ll help you do the same thing with your marketing strategy. Don’t miss out on potentially huge profits because you gave up on a strategy!

There are some methods you can use to try new things in your business. For a new product or service, it could be as simple as asking your clients whether they would be interested in it. See what they want and what they don’t want. Then give them what they want.

Always remember that you aren’t your own client!

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