Call Them Clients – Not Customers

Does it even matter?

You might think there’s not much difference between a “client” and a “customer”, but the words you use in your limousine, bus or car service business can have a huge impact. I’m going to tell you why using the word “client” is the better choice. Even if you already call your customers “clients,” you need to read this chapter to understand the reasons why. If you’re still calling them “customers,” you definitely need to read this chapter!


A “customer” is just someone who buys something from you (and may or may not ever come back). But a “client” is someone who has a close business relationship with you, who counts on you to make sure their needs are met.

Can you see how this changes the way you look at your clients? You respect them more. You don’t just see them as a “sale,” but as a person who you care about helping. You recognize them as your most valuable asset in business. After all, without them, you wouldn’t even have a business!

“Client” is a word you should use all the time – not only when you’re actually working with clients, but also when you’re speaking with your employees. Make sure everyone in your business knows the right word to use – and why.

Why Is This Marketing Strategy So Important?


This strategy helps you understand the power of slight changes in your limo, bus or car service business. It shows you the approach of this program, which shows you how to make subtle changes in what you say and do and explains why they’re so effective. Once you realize that something as simple as using a different word is actually a marketing strategy (and you know the reasoning behind it), you’ve got the right mindset to get through the whole manual.

We’ve noticed that most businesspeople tend to think of “customers” as nuisances. 

But “clients” are important and deserve to be treated that way.

 When you know why you call them “clients,” you change how you think about your business—and your “clients” will probably like it too!

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