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How Often Should You Wash Your Limousine and Bus Fleet?

I often get this question regardless fleet cleaning and it goes, how often should you been cleaning you limos and buses? That’s a good question. In my opinion, the interior of your vehicles should be cleaned everyday. Once the vehicles come back for the night they should be vacuumed. The following day the vehicle should be given a once over to determine the cleanliness of the interior.

As far as exterior washing of your limo fleet I would suggest hitting up a local car wash at least once per week if not more but this really depends on the weather in your area. Has their been a lot of rain or snow or even pollen or dust in the air? If so, I’d suggest going more often than not.

Additionally, every once in a while we spend a little extra to have our fleet power washed for a good scrubbing. We usually hire Rockland Power Washing http://rocklandpowerwashing.com for this.


How A Limo or Bus Company Can Use Google’s New Call-Only Ad’s To Increase Business

To find out more tips about PPC marketing for your limo business be sure to check out their PPC management blog. It’s full of actionable advice from seasoned AdWords expert consultants and management pros.
Clicks Geek, the creator of this wonderful infographic, is a world-class PPC management and AdWords Consulting firm based in New York. They work with all sorts of businesses including several limousine, car service and bus/charter bus companies. If you’d like to learn more about Clicks Geek, please reach out to them at 917-310-1597.

What Is A Marketing System?

Marketing Systems For Limo, Bus and Car Service Operators

A marketing system is a system used to get new clients.

All of the off-line and on-line marketing strategies explained on Limo Profits are systems

They are strategic ways of getting new clients.

 But, they are systems.

 You can’t just do part of one and expect to get results.  It just doesn’t happen that way. 

You have to do all parts of the system to get it to work.

 For example, when you do my Three Letter Sequence Strategy that goes to corporate prospects who frequently travel for business, you can’t just give out the first letter.  You have to do all three.  And they need to be ten days apart.  And it has to be the letter we provide, (or a slightly tweaked version.) And, it has to be delivered in a Direct Response manner.

 Then it’ll work.

 You will get results.

 But you have to do every part of the system, not just the first step.  This is true of any system.

Think of making coffee. 

The first step is to put in a new filter and add coffee. 

But if you stop there, you’ll never get coffee. 

You need to follow the rest of the steps in the system to get coffee. 

That is; you have to add water, turn it on, and put the pot under the drip. 

Then you’ll have coffee. 

Stopping after the first few steps in a marketing strategy will give you the same results as with your coffee maker. NONE.

So follow through on everything. 

Put the systems in place and they will automatically generate revenue for you every month. 

Complete the system and you’ll soon be taking home the HIGH PROFITS you deserve!


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Here’s The Cold Hard Truth: You Are Not Your Client

You Are Not Your Client


It sounds obvious, but too many business owners never learn this crucial concept. They think their clients all have the same wants, needs, and opinions as them.

 You do not know what your clients will want or how they will react.


Don’t judge something before you try it. I hear from many limousine business owners who say, “My clients won’t like that or respond to it.” How do they know until they give it a chance to work?

 The truth is, you don’t know what will or won’t work with your clients. The marketing strategies I’m sharing with you have been tested all over the country.

They work.


 If you can’t get something to work, email us and we’ll help you get it to work.

 Don’t assume a strategy won’t work just because you tried it once and didn’t see results. That’s like questioning the laws of aerodynamics every time a plane crashes. When an accident happens, the authorities figure out what caused the problem and work to fix it. Contact us and we’ll help you do the same thing with your marketing strategy. Don’t miss out on potentially huge profits because you gave up on a strategy!

There are some methods you can use to try new things in your business. For a new product or service, it could be as simple as asking your clients whether they would be interested in it. See what they want and what they don’t want. Then give them what they want.

Always remember that you aren’t your own client!

Here’s The Cold Hard Truth: You Are Not Your Client is a post from: http://www.limoprofits.com


Lifetime Value Of Your Limo, Car Service and Bus Clients

What Is The Lifetime Value Of Your Client

 The name says it all, and once you see how this simple concept can help you achieve your goals, you’ll wonder why so few business owners ever consider it.

 Here’s what it’s all about. 

The Lifetime Value Of Your Client (LTV) is the total profit produced by an average client over his/her lifetime association with you.

How does this number help you plan better? By knowing a client’s total value to your business, you can figure out how much you can afford to spend to convert a prospect to a client.

 Let’s see how this works. For this example, your average new client:

  1. Spends $500.00 the first time he does business with you.
  2. Books rides with you again in two weeks


In the course of a year, he is potentially worth $13,000 to you.

He is going to be your client for 5 years (then he’ll move to Florida or something). In 5 years, he will have spent a minimum of $65,000 with you.

Next, figure out how much of that is profit to your limo business.

For this example, we’ll say 40%. This means you will make $26,000 profit on your average limousine or bus client over the next 5 years.

 Hopefully, you’re starting to see how this can help you plan your marketing expenses. In fact, you could pay up to $26,000 (in this example) for each new client and still break even in 5 years. We don’t suggest that. But would you spend up to $250.00 to get $26,000 in 5 years? In fact, you don’t have to wait that long—you get a return on your investment with the first sale, enough to recover the $250.00 you spent.

Referrals add even more profit to the value of your clients. If your average client refers one new client to you, the profit from the original client doubles ($26,000 for the original client and $26,000 from the person they referred). And you didn’t have to do any advertising to get that new client.

Start calculating the lifetime value of your average client. Make increasing this value one of your goals. Some ways to do this include getting your clients to refer more often, increasing the average ticket, making repeat clients more frequent, and selling more services.

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This Simple Change Will Increase Your Limousine Sales Revenue

No One Cares Who You Are Until They Know How You Can Help Them

This simple idea changed my life and it can change yours too.

If you want to get people’s attention — in a few words tell them how you can help them — then they’ll want to talk with you.

Once people know how you can help them, they’ll be hungry to hear from you, eager to talk with you. Getting the conversation started is the most important step to being successful.

Without an easy way to get that initial conversation going, you’ll always be frustrated, no matter how smart or capable you are. That applies to everything from getting a response to emails, web marketing, direct marketing, and any other way you reach out to try to stimulate a response.


What is WIIFM?

Every human being is tuned into their own little radio station in their head and when confronted with a decision to make, that little voice asks “What’s In It For Me”.

ALL your marketing and advertising MUST be geared to WIIFM because they don’t care about anything else.

Pretty selfish, huh?

It’s human nature, don’t fight it – use it to your advantage.


This Simple Change Will Increase Your Limousine Sales Revenue is a post from: http://www.limoprofits.com

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